Worship Central – Are you an 'usher to the wedding'?

Over the past three weeks, I have been involved in the Worship Central Courses, and have
recently completed course 3. I have felt my understanding and appreciation of worship develop,
and thus my relationship with God develop as well.
As revealed through the course, we are created to worship. However, as we are prone to
continuous and inevitable selfishness and sin, we often turn our worship from God and to the
All of us worship something. As Christians, it should only be God.
This course allowed me to endeavour to turn my worship wholly to God, and realize that worship is a priority in this
relationship. Importantly, I learnt that this priority is not reserved for Sunday mornings in song, but rather
worship is to be given through every aspect of our lives, our actions, our thoughts, our prayers.
From this, we can be transformed.
As we sometimes discover (with no lack of embarrassment), not all of us are musically inclined,
but this should not hinder our ability to worship. Worship is about God. Within the church and
within our lives, we should be ‘ushers to the wedding’, and be reminded that worship is not
about the church or ourselves at all. Worship is to lay down oneself, to allow God to be seen as
he is, to value God over yourself or anything you know. Through the Holy Spirit, this is made
possible. Philippians 3:3 addresses the church as
‘we who worship by the Spirit of God.’
Through worship, our relationship with God can become one of intimacy, and all the goodness that
would follow.
It is a wonderful thing, to be made vulnerable before a loving God. We kneel before God, we
turn our faces towards Him and we are not afraid to say that we are nothing without all that He
is. It is a wonderful thing, to realize that we praise a God much greater than ourselves.
It is a wonderful thing, to worship.
Sincerely, Caitlyn

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