His-story in me…Have you got a story to share?

History in me
Stories carry insights more readily than other forms of communication. Jesus made use of
story regularly and these stories have continued to speak across cultures and time. How
many people can recall the Good Samaritan, the Prodigal son, the wise home builder and
so on? When people encountered Jesus there are occasions when he simply asked them to
go and tell people what the Lord has done i.e. tell their story. These stories point to Jesus
and encourage us in our faith.
As I have been thinking about this I want to launch an initiative in our Minster parish of
telling our stories. My hope is that we can have these given in a variety of ways.
1.  in writing, perhaps on our newsletter front page and for our web blog.
2.In video again to be shared in services and perhaps on our website.
I would suggest calling this ‘His-story in me.’
These stories need not be about our whole journey walking with Jesus. Instead, they could
be a simple example of one thing. So, for example, I know that people can testify to the
truth of tithing and blessing; I know that some can speak of freedoms from addictions,
release from fears or in John Lea’s case a remarkable deliverance from death in a car crash.
Some of you are in the latter stages of life here. We would love to hear your stories. Some
of you have recently begun to discover how much God loves you. We would love to hear
from you. I will be asking people to consider this but please do not hesitate to contact me
or Karen Dennison with possible stories to share. Regardless, speak up over hospitality
about what the Lord is doing in your life. We can all build one another up in our faith as we
share our experiences of walking with Jesus.

Shalom Jamie

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