Make a difference – be the Body of Christ

At St Nicholas we love and follow Jesus and so love and serve one another in kindness.  Kindness originally links to the notion of kindred, a family relationship.  This is expressed practically as the church body lives out its life together.  We are the Body of Christ 7 days a week, 24 hours a day serving in our homes at work and at play.  This calling is more than just gathering on a Sunday.  We express being kind to one another by offering lifts, sharing meals, praying for one another, shopping for those in need.  Alerting our pastoral team to more specific needs.  It can also mean serving in a more formal role with in the Church community.  As a community we want to celebrate and acknowledge those who serve in these roles. 

“Serve one another humbly in love” Galations 5:13

By listing them in our Opportunities in Church Brochure we can pray specifically for those areas in our church. 

Last Sunday after church I nipped across to Aldi where I got talking with the lady who was serving me.  She was obviously tired and couldn’t wait to get home to be with her family.  She said she had been there since 6am.  I felt an overwhelming need to give her some encouragement instead of politely agreeing that it was hard to be at work on a weekend.  I thanked her for coming out today to be here at work for me, which she was surprised at, but I left my thank you at that.  What impact would it have had if I had just told the Truth, the whole truth – that I was grateful she was serving today because I had at the last minute decided to buy some chocolate for my mother who I was going to visit before she starts her journey with Chemotherapy.  As I sat in the car I realised that each of us serve but the impact we have on others is not always revealed.  It is the Truth that sets us free, free from the idea that we make no difference in this world, free from the idea that we don’t matter.  Jesus served in love and humility and the difference He made was astounding, life changing.  So I ask you to tell the truth to those you meet, testify to those around you the difference they and Jesus makes in our lives and pray for those who serve in our church.  In doing this you too will be serving as the Body of Christ. 


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