YouthCare in Australind

On Thursday, 2 weeks ago, Helen Browne and I were sitting at a table in the Treendale shopping centre as part of the street collection for YouthCare. One man came up to us and said how much he appreciated the Chaplain from Treendale Primary school. Last term his 9 year old son was thought to have cancer and was undergoing tests. Geoff, the chaplain rang the family everyday during the holidays to enquire about the boy and tell the family that he was there for them. This is the sort of support that the chaplains offer to families of the students in their care.

Not only do students come to talk to the chaplain but parents and teachers do too.

They know that they will find a listening ear and a praying heart. Last year Geoff himself was undergoing medical tests for a potential life threatening condition. He knew he had the support of YouthCare as the district chaplain, David Cunniffe, made his condition known so we could pray for him. He made a remarkable recovery.

YouthCare  is an organisation that promotes God’s love in action in our schools and the wider community. It’s fundraising efforts help pay chaplains whose schools want them more than the 2 days of the government subsidy. Two of  those schools are in Australind.

On Friday 25th November, they are having a progressive dinner and we have been assigned the place for entrees’ assisted by the other churches in Australind.

As a fund raiser for this, we are having a garage sale next Saturday, 29th October, at 10 Buckton Place. Anyone who has things they would like to donate, contact me on 97960440.


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