Op Shop & Little Lambs an Expression of God's Love

In our Minster parish blessing one another and our community is the first part of our  framework for life together . One of the most obvious ways in which we do this is through our Op shop and Little Lambs ministries. I do not have the stats on numbers readily to hand however it is clear that each week we provide for several hundred people in one way or another. Talking with Judith Bryce I estimated that we shift close to a metric tonne of clothes to the seafarers and prison over a year! This does not include  all that is actually bought at our op shop.

These services to our community are  only possible through  dedicated teams of volunteers led by Judy Bletchynden ( Op shop)and Jennifer Monahan ( Little Lambs).  Through the Op shop and Little Lambs, we are seeking to first be good news to our community.

However, this is not the best we can offer our community. The best we can offer our community is an introduction to Jesus. Ultimately it is for each person to decide if they want to explore or pursue a relationship with Jesus. However, we are encouraged by Jesus himself to go and make the invitation and to show the kingdom of God in our lives, in our actions , and in signs, wonders, and words. We cannot do this if we ourselves are not engaged in that transformative relationship  secured increasingly in God’s love for us. Alpha has helped us with this. Serving in Op shop and Little Lambs is an expression of it.

So once again I want to record my thanks to all who are involved in these ministries.  May you be blessed as you have blessed others.



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