'Meet the Team' Jan Jarvis

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Janet Jarvis

Jamie has asked me, because I received training in pastoral care in the U.K. to be the named pastoral care co-ordinator for St. Nicholas’ Church. So Karen has asked me to introduce myself… 

I was born, number four of five children, and educated in Gravesend, north Kent.  In my early teens I began going along to my school friend Susan’s church youth group which meant that we had to go church on Sunday. We sat in the back pews, having our own conversations. But God was at work in my life through an older couple who took time getting to know me and invited me to their home and to a Bible study group.  After a while I gave my life to Jesus and was confirmed.

I went to London to train as a nurse at Westminster Hospital and joined the Christian Union, met a group called the Navigators with whom I learnt a lot about discipleship, and met my husband John. We have two beautiful children: Helen and Andrew, and two amazing grandchildren: Sarah and Matthew. We came to W.A. to be nearer our family and have received the additional blessing of being led to Australind and St. Nicholas Church. 

What helps me in my Christian life is to read the Bible and pray daily and the stimulus of being in a Christian community.

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