Nourish – United together in Christ

It has been a great start to the year for Nourish. After the summer break it has been wonderful to connect with new members and reconnect with familiar faces. This year we have had the pleasure of Shirley’s enthusiasm and teaching skills in organising a fun and educational crèche program for our children.  Shirley joins our other fantastic volunteers who give their time generously to support our children while we meet.  Thank you!

This term we began with an overview of the book of Psalms which served as a great introduction to the Prayer Course we are exploring as a congregation. I can’t help but be amazed and inspired when exploring personal issues, such as your prayer life with God, within the small group setting. Everyone has a unique story and different experiences; yet often we are faced with similar challenges and shared frustrations. Together we have been able to explore, discuss, encourage and support one another, and it’s only week two! For every heartfelt moment shared there has been plenty of laughter and a deepened understanding that whilst we are all so very different we are united in Christ.

x Sophie

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2 thoughts on “Nourish – United together in Christ”

  1. What a fun term of meeting together for Nourish.
    A big thanks to all our crèche volunteers who made the child care run smoothly.
    Over term one the children explored the Noah’s Ark story and focused on rainbows God’s symbol of promise.
    ‘God Keeps His Promises’
    Over the last two weeks the children learnt about Palm Sunday with Jesus as their King.
    Next term will be a term of discovering God’s wonderful creation…leading them to learning about how Jesus loves them.
    God bless
    Shirley Busby

    • Thank you so much for the time you and the other volunteers have put into this. It sounds like next term will be an exciting one.


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