Meet the Team – Joe

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This week we talk to Joe Kaitani. 

Q1.  What roles and ministry do you serve in at St Nicholas?

Member of the Parish Council and worship group


Q2.  Have you always been a Christian?

Yes – through various denominations, I have remained a Christian all my life.


Q3.  What helps you daily with your walk with Jesus?

In simple terms – knowing that someone’s “got your back” is comforting and is a source of inspiration to face up to life’s daily challenges.


Q4.  Favourite Hymn or worship Song?

I have a few favourite hymns – Amazing Grace, Abide With Me, Guide Me O Thou Great Jehova, How Great Thou Art to name a few…


Q5.  What do you enjoy doing?


I enjoy watching sport – rugby union, rugby league, boxing and sports in general. I like gardening/working outside the home, travelling, camping and the outdoors.

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