Who do you believe Jesus is?

This Sunday we join with Saint Peter in facing the most challenging question we will have to answer in our Journey of Faith with Jesus Christ. The question we must all answer is “ Who do you believe Jesus Christ is?” The response we make will influence every aspect of daily life during these difficult times.
Jesus has spent perhaps 2 years with His disciples. They had been with Him in every aspect of His ministry. They had shared in His teaching and miracles alongside the ridicule and rejection by the Jewish leaders . Sometimes they got the message but on the other occasions Jesus was filled with frustration with their responses.
On this day Jesus had set His face towards Jerusalem to face the cross following the transfiguration experience on the Holy mountain . Jesus looks directly into the disciples eyes and asks the question ,

Who do you believe the Son of Man is?

At first they dodge the issue by answering , some say John the Baptist risen from the dead, others Elijah, others Jeremiah .  Jesus says but  “Who do you say I am?” Peter almost cries out, “You are the Christ, the Son of
the living God.” Jesus then gives Peter the keys of the Kingdom.
Today we are challenged to answer the same question. It is no use answering, Jamie says this or Brian says that, or even Bishop Allan believes this. If we can answer Jesus is truly the Son of the Living God then life is transformed for ever. It means every promise Jesus made is vindicated.
We come to church every Sunday to learn about these promises and then apply them to our daily journey of faith.
Yours in Christ’s Service
Ven. Brian Newing

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