Check out our new Historic Church Page

Here at St Nicholas part of our vision is to Bless.  One such potential blessing is our Historic Church.  In the past it has been a great blessing to many in their pathway to faith – Baptisms, dedications, confirmations, weddings and in our communion together.  In the future we hope and pray this will again be the case.  I have noticed that on the internet there is not a huge amount of information published surrounding our wonderful historic church – therefore an additional page has been added to our website here: it is under our ABOUT menu. 


The information has been reproduced from Maidee Smith’s extensive research and writings, but like all local history is a constant work in progress as we are always in a moment of history.  If you have anything that would add value to the page – information or photograph please email it to or I can help you scan it.  I pray that the Historic Church Page will be a blessing to tourists and those researching our area, that by coming to our website they may see the community that we have built together and in turn seek their own pathway to Faith in Jesus. 



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