Mission and Action

Churches share a lot of similarities with all living things, one of which is movement and change. This week I will briefly  address two items from our Mission Action Plan ( see last week’s newsletter/blog hard copies available in church building for reading) both of which demonstrate this living dynamic community we call church.

Using our site for mission

Followers of Jesus have been meeting in or around our current location for some time. The Congregationalists were first to use what we call the historic church in the 19th century. After  varied  use, including a place to dry possum skins, the Anglican church took it on in 1914. Running forward to the sixties Australind was linked into a wide geographical parish from Carey Park , Eaton, Picton and here. Eventually with a growing congregation St Nicholas became a parish in its own right, a new building was proposed , a rectory was built with the garage serving as a communal hall, an op shop was transported over from St Elizabeth’s Carey park . Further developments of life and community occurred and further building occurred leaving us with our current site plant.

Once again we are in a time of change. Over the course of the year the Parish Council has been exploring mission options for our site. We believe the historic church can be used missionally as a source of blessing to our wider community. It can be a point of reference and interaction. We can invite our schools and wider community to explore the social history represented through the building and through this our faith in Jesus. It can be a place of prayer and blessing.

The Parish Council has spent time considering how to use the rectory in response to several factors. The Murray’s personal circumstances have changed which raised the possibility of us moving out of the rectory. Following discussion with the Council and archdeacon, I can now tell you that God Willing this will happen in the later part of 2018.  This is in alignment with the diocese who, finances permitting, are working towards clergy no longer being onsite. This policy change has come about due to new licensing rules for clergy and governance around Safe Church as well as the changing communication and shapes of ministry. Furthermore we have to plan for future growth. We already have a need for more space for our children’s ministry and future ministries. This allows us several options to explore.

Understanding Anglican governance: synod and parish council

Synod 2017 was a grace filled gathering full of movement and change.  Decisions made have given us a new clarity and basis for mission and ministry. ( I will publish a separate summary of key changes in legislation, full copies are available on the diocesan website)  This will directly affect our Annual Meeting of Parishioners and the process of electing our Parish Council as well as the oversight of all our ministries. It is important that we learn about this part of our shared life together, especially our younger families and new or already Christians joining us from other traditions. Learning about these things is one part of our Action Plan for the next year. However it is new for us all and part of the journey we share together across the diocese in community with one another and Jesus.



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