A new initiative – Gathering on Wednesday

Thank you to Fr Brian for taking the services this Sunday while I am at All Saint’s Donnybrook leading the morning service and then chairing the Annual Meeting of Parishioner’s. Your prayers would be welcome for Rev Cathie and myself and the community there.

Our own AMP takes place next Sunday after a joint service beginning at 9 am. You can vote this Sunday if you have registered as a voting parishioner.  Suzanne has produced an insert guiding you on this process. Alternatively you can vote next week if you wish. All votes need to be cast before we begin the AMP. May the Holy Spirit inspire and guide us. Please do ensure you have collected your Annual Report if you are a voting parishioner, one per household. If you are a parishioner and would like a copy please speak with Ian Craig. Please also pick up your Prayer Focus if you have not already done so. Thank you for joining in the prayer of and for our community.

As I write this there is a delicious aroma wafting through from our church kitchen. For some proclaiming the end of a fast on Ash Wednesday. The Wednesday dinners , a new initiative is up and running. Trudy, team leader for this week, was delighted to tell me that she and her team have a meal for us tonight to feed 40 at $72. I said  I hoped this was not going to become a competition between cooking teams, with someone saying I spent $5 and prayed for multiplication! These meals are open. Come along. It helps if you let us know in advance but it is not essential.

As we enter into Lent remember that we put off things in order to put on things. E.g.  we put off unforgiveness and with the Holy Spirit’s help put on forgiveness. We put off slander and speak truth. We may fast food to feast on God’s presence in prayer. We come into the light of Jesus and perhaps can say

‘Create in me a pure heart O God and renew a steadfast spirit within me.’

Ps 51v10

Shalom Jamie

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