Life is All About Relationships…

Life is all about relationships: the different kinds of relationships that we have and those who those relationships are with. Some relationships are good, some not so good, some are temporary, and others are lifelong. A loss of a relationship, whether through death or some other ending, can force us to consider what and particularly who, we prioritise in our lives.

This week has been a tough one for many of us as we say goodbye to two of our beloved sisters in Christ. Our community has been challenged to reflect on what’s really important; we have been confronted with the frail and mortal nature of our humanity.

For some it may arouse some challenging questions: Where am I going? What is my purpose? Why am I here? What is it all for?

Alpha is an opportunity to explore these questions. It’s not so much of a course as it is a journey- and one here at St Nicholas that we would love to invite you on.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to watch the video or click on the link to our Alpha page. Please contact Jamie to register your interest, we would love to journey with you.

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