Wednesday Dinners – Friends, Food & Community

We have recently started up Wednesday dinners as St Nic’s. It is basically a bunch of people of all ages and walks of life turning up to share a meal together. It is on every Wednesday at St Nic’s church from 5.45pm.

Each week a team of willing volunteers organise, cook a delicious meal and then clean up afterwards, allowing everyone else to simply come along and be blessed. We have been averaging anywhere between 28-47 (recently 33 adults and 14 kids) people including kids!

It has become a platform to build into the existing community of St Nic’s, providing a beautiful bridge between the generations and building upon friendships, both old and new. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to bring friends or neighbours along to meet new people in a relaxed environment, enjoy a meal together and chat about life or even just the weather! In addition to these things, we would also welcome anyone who might just benefit from the blessing of a meal, free of charge.

There is something special about sharing a meal together and belonging in community. We find many accounts in the Bible that revolve around mealtimes. It is both practical in terms of meeting one of our most basic of human needs, but it also meets our spiritual and emotional needs through friendship and fellowship. Our conversations are being blessed each week as we discover more about each other; our pasts and how we have come to be where we are today, our joys and struggles in the now, and our hopes and dreams for the future.

I really feel like the key word in all of this is community; helping to build a sense of authentic community in our church fellowship, whilst also providing an arm of outreach into our broader community. This whole concept is all very new and will evolve with time. I love being involved with it, and am excited about how God may shape this in the future. I am also incredibly thankful to those of you who have helped to get this off the ground.

If you would like more information about Wednesday dinners or becoming involved with serving on a team once a month, please speak with me (Kate) or use the Contact Us form.

Lastly, I encourage you to join us! Hope to see you there,
Blessings, Kate Hollis

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