Be Still, and Know the Presence of God: Morning Prayer at St Nicholas

What a better way to start the day then to meet with God in prayer, listening to Him and talking to Him?

It is good for Christians to come together to pray. Today there are many resources to enable us to do this. The Prayer Book of the Anglican church, provides us and encourages us to pray together. This has been a custom in many a church and Cathedral down through the ages, where clergy and laity gather together to say the offices of Morning and Evening Prayer.

Where this occurs, one can sense an atmosphere of prayer. I have often visited Durham Cathedral in the U.K. In entering, there is a special atmosphere created by centuries of prayer, over 1000 years. It helps one to be still and know the presence of God.

Prayer is of paramount importance for St Nicholas; if we want to seek God, to follow Him and to see the Holy Spirit at work, not only in our own lives but also in the lives of many who do not yet attend a church. We want to see St Nicholas as a house of prayer and in so doing people will enter into a special atmosphere. When God’s people draw near to God, He will draw near to them.

As I was saying the office and reading the Bible readings for the day, I was struck by the example of the early church. One of the readings was Acts 2:37-47 where we see the new Christians not only helping one another and having fellowship with one another, but also praising God and praying. What happened? God added to their numbers on a daily basis, new believers. Now that is an exciting picture!

I encourage others to come and be part of this time of seeking God, to pray to Him and to listen to Him as we read the Scriptures. Who knows what God will say to us as we open ourselves up to God?

by John Jarvis

Morning Prayer, every Tuesday, at 7.00am.

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