Our New Godly Play Room – Not Just For Children!!

Isn’t it lovely to have good news to share? I am delighted to share with you good news about our new Godly Play room. We love it! Last Sunday the children were asked what they like best about it. Here are their responses:

“drawing the sea with the shiny paper”

“the soft part where the cushions are”

“the little kitchen area, so we don’t need a table for the water jug and cups”

“the trolleys are here and we no longer have to wheel them back”

“it looks pretty”

“there’s lots of space”

“you don’t have to worry about the rain”

The children aren’t the only ones enjoying the new space. The Connect group used the Godly Play room and resources over the last couple of weeks to explore Jesus’ parables in a new way. Here are some of their comments about their experience:

“It’s a safe space for inclusive, welcoming, hands on learning and sharing. I love being able to sit on the floor and be part of ‘circle’ discussion and learning”

“It’s a fun, expressive way of telling bible stories”

“The Godly Play room was a delight…the story props are a great visual tool that lift the story from the pages of the bible into a visible context…the story bought about open discussion and challenged our thinking…”


I would like to thank everyone at St Nic’s for the support you have given Godly Play, for investing in resources and training for our story tellers and allowing us to use the rectory lounge as our own dedicated room. Our children are richly blessed by your generosity and the blessing is overflowing into other areas of our church life too/ I was most touched by this comment from one of the helpers on the Godly Play team:

Godly Play holds the children’s attention like no other Scripture class i have ever experienced. It involves the children, stimulates their thinking, and intrigues them, and I believe will leave a lasting impression of Scripture on each child.”

If you would like to know more or explore the room and resources yourself, speak to Verity or anyone on the Godly Play team…it’s not just for children!

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