St Nic’s Site Management Team

This site management team has been assembled with the intention of carrying out as many general maintenance and capital works projects as possible, as and when required. Because we have come from varied work backgrounds we tend to complement one another with our different skill sets, talents and ideas. Consequently, we are getting the jobs done more quickly but just as importantly at the lowest possible cost.

Our team includes: Tony Wheeler, Trevor Freckleton, Struan Faed and Geoff Blechynden.

Although we have a team leader, he is not the one who is there to crack the whip. He is just there as a referral point for church management to report faults to or for work projects to be looked at, costed, approved by Parish council and then carried out. We also need someone to liaise with the other team members.

We have responsibility for the church main building, the heritage church, the op shop, and rectory and church grounds. When and where ever possible we endeavour to carry out the work ourselves without wanting to call in contractors.

We all feel that this is one of the ways we can make our contribution to church ministry and the wellbeing of the church.


Tony Wheeler



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