Random Coffee

Would you like to get to know your St Nic’s church family better? It can be as easy as inviting someone over for a cuppa!

Once a term, the Connect group of ladies who meet at St Nic’s on Wednesday nights, as part of their fellowship, conduct what we call ‘random coffees’. We pair up two ladies at random by pulling names out of a hat to have a cuppa at a location and time of their choosing. It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know one another better or to strengthen friendships. It is a chance to relax and have a longer chat than is possible while we are at church or Connect. It allows us to support and pray for one another and enjoy each other’s company. I have found the Random Coffees a wonderful time to relax and strengthen our faith while renewing and making new, wonderful friendships. It makes us stop with our busy lives for a short time to enjoy fellowship and friendship and worship together with a cuppa.

Who would you like to get to know better? How about inviting them over for a cuppa? Maybe your small group could adopt the ‘random coffee’ idea too? You could make a new friendship or strengthen an old one!

Wendy Dickenson

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