Prayer Watch

The inspiration for the Prayer Watch comes from the book of Nehemiah. The people of God were rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem under the leadership of Nehemiah and were facing attack on many fronts. So, as it says in Nehemiah 4:9,

“We prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night to meet this threat.”

Nehemiah Chapter 4, Verse 9

The Sunday evening prayer group discerned, along with a few others, that the Lord was asking us to follow their example and cover St Nic’s in prayer morning and evening, seven days a week. The prayer watch consists of a group of 12 people, of varying ages and stages of life, who have committed to praying for St Nic’s once a week, either during the morning or evening, and then passing the responsibility over to the next person on the watch via text message. A special prayer, based on the Lord’s Prayer has been written to help guide us as well as the prayer updates which Jamie produces. People on the watch pray for as long or short a time as they wish. Jill Faed, a member of the team, shares a personal reflection on the Prayer Watch:

Although the Prayer Watch is just one of a number of prayer groups operating throughout St Nic’s, I have really enjoyed this opportunity to pray in a more directed way. The Prayer Watchers understand that we are “on the wall” (Neh. 4:9), praying for the protection of all God’s servants, whether that is in St Nic’s, in other churches, throughout the world, or even personally in our own families. I look forward to my “watch” each Friday morning, and I am grateful for the helpful notes that Verity gave each of us, suggesting that we may like to use the Lord’s Prayer as our prayer model. Sometimes, the Spirit guides me into a different way of praying. When I feel that my watch is finished, I then text the next Watcher to pass on the baton. It’s an amazing thought that we are all part of a weekly unbroken chain of prayer. I am motivated by our regular Sunday evening time of prayer together, from which most of the Prayer Watchers come. We worship together, encourage each other, and wait on the Lord to guide us in our praying. Then He sends us out into our week to serve Him and our families, in the strength and joy that the Lord so willingly gives us (Neh. 8:10).”

Jill Faed

If you would like to join the Prayer Watch or would like to know more about it, please speak to Jamie or Verity Murray.

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