‘If you’d been here Lord……’

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Some people think Covid-19 is some form of judgement from a wrathful God. I don’t. Some people who have, let us say a loose sense of relationship with God, are angry with Him/ it / her for allowing such a terrible, fearful thing to happen. I’m not.

Some people are already grieving loved ones. Some people are grieving the loss of income. People all around the world are learning to deal with the unknown and real fear . I pray they are comforted.

Our gospel reading for Sunday (John 11:1-45) is the truly extraordinary and wonderful story about Lazarus, his sisters and Jesus. When Lazarus fell ill, the sisters were united in sending a message to Jesus asking him to come. They were gripped by the fear of losing their beloved brother. They trusted that Jesus would be able to set him free from sickness and restore him. Instead Jesus delayed, Lazarus died and the sisters were being comforted by friends from Jerusalem .

If you’d been here Lord……..and then……. He is there. Does He sweep in and like a superhero raise Lazarus from the dead? No. He weeps. He weeps for the sister’s in their pain, for his friend who has died and for the misery that sickness and death brings to people made originally in the image of God, now broken. And then He speaks into the situation and everything changes……you can listen to the sermon for more thoughts on this I am hoping to record it tomorrow, available Sunday morning. However I want you to know right now , wherever you are, whatever your situation, though God may seem impossibly distant or simply unknown Jesus is willing to come to you, come alongside you and then speak into your situation and help you in ways you cannot yet imagine. Just ask. Just knock. Receive the Spirit of God who drives out all fear. Receive life. Luke 11: 13; 2 Tim 1:7. John 10:10

Shalom Jamie

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  1. Thank you Jamie for that encouraging thought. May God continue to protect you and your family through these challenging times. Know that you’re continually in my prayers. God bless. Marian


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