‘Do not be afraid…..He has risen just as He said.’

Our gospel reading this year is taken from Matthew. As I will speak more about in the sermon fear , confusion and uncertainty continued for the disciples with the resurrection. We tend to think they accepted it and got it straight away. One issue for them was that strange mix of joy and fear. Can you relate to this? Something so amazing and good has happened that there is part of you afraid to accept and welcome it. It’s so wonderful. You don’t want the let down. Is it really definite? You mean I am going to get financial help in this current crisis? You mean my job is going to be held for me? You mean they’re ( insert name) alright?

The disciples were still in shock about what had happened to Jesus, hiding in Jerusalem for fear of further persecution. Peter was utterly broken by his own betrayal of Jesus. The rock had crumbled under extreme trauma.

And then there are the women. Disciples in their own right. The ones who with John had stayed at the cross, his mother included. And today Easter Sunday early in the morning, the first day of the week, the first day of the new creation begun in and through Jesus they go to the tomb.

Two women become the first evangelists, the first witnesses in a culture where women’s testimony was rarely accepted. Jesus first recorded words as they cling to his feet, yes real tangible solid feet are ‘Do not be afraid…Go and tell my brothers….

Jesus went on to spend time with his disciples over the next 40 days . I’ve been to Tagba where he cooked breakfast for them. How glorious that must have been. He came to them. He still comes to those who invite Him in, through the Holy Spirit. Have you? He is still saying ‘Do not be afraid.’

Christ is risen. Alleluia!

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