Table Worship

This simple plate has been a focus point at our dining table in this Easter season. On Sunday morning we move it to our sitting room as we share Home Church. It’s a simple idea really and allows for all kinds of creativity. We had a different arrangement of candles on it through Holy Week.

The red plate reminds us of the cost to Jesus, his shed blood. The candle reminds us that Jesus is the light of the world and that the darkness of evil did not and cannot overcome him. The double wick was not particularly planned but reminds me of the two angels at the tomb. The stones remind us of the tomb burst open and that it’s empty.

The roses from our garden remind us of life and the beauty of life found in Christ.

We light it at each evening meal and give thanks for the resurrection and the hope we have in Jesus. Short and sweet. Have you found any simple ways to celebrate Easter? Some of our families have been remarkably creative.

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