Gathering again?

While many people are finding grace in abundance in this time of retreat and social isolation others are understandably impatient to gather again, especially those who are not online. Within our diocese, we have a variety of churches with differing demographics and numbers. Consequently, our openings are not based on a one size fits all approach. Due to the size of our own church community and demographics and the necessity of compliance with current legislative requirements, we will not be opening to public worship on Sundays until June 7th. However please read the newsletter online here and next week for updates on this. We will require a system of booking for our services which is why I will be running additional mid-week communion services after Pentecost.

This past week Lois Eckersley in particular, and I along with Barbara Gore have worked hard on drafting a legislatively required COVID Safety Plan. This is now complete and as part of this, I have requested 27 of us to complete the tier 1 training on COVID safety and hygiene made available by AHA sponsored by our state government. I am hoping to establish an online facility for booking next week along with many phone calls and e-mails no doubt!

When we gather we are all going to have to exercise diligence for the sake of our whole community and especially those of us who would be considered more vulnerable.

It will not be as it was but it will be lovely to see more of you face to face ( 1.5 m apart minimum )

Shalom Jamie

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