Gathering details continued

We have completed our COVID Safety Plan and a number of us have already completed the tier 1 training in Hygiene as directed by our state government. Lois and Barbara have worked to label and sign as much as we can to make it work for all of us in this transition period. We have established a number of sanitising stations, worked out how many people can be in each space/ room and labelled accordingly. Barbara has kindly taken the level 2 training and is willing to act as our hygiene coordinator. Registration is necessary when entering the building.

In order to avoid turning people away at the door it is necessary to register beforehand. I am asking for the following next week.

Wednesday morning June 3rd communion at 9 am. If you have normally attended this service you are welcome to do so next week June 3rd. I will be calling people directly about this and would ask that nobody attend who has not been directly contacted.

To attend our additional Friday communion June 5th at 9 am please register here: the listing will close at 20 attendees.

Communion will be in one kind, the bread, as directed by + Ian.

Sunday 7th June at 8 am is by registration only although I will be contacting those who are not accessing information online. Our family service at 10 am on June 7th has been worked out by e-mail contact and those attending will be confirmed by e-mail. To register for the 8 am service follow this link below.

The following week we will review and build on this with small groups being able to take communion as they meet in church. This will require a decision to be made with you in your groups and confirmed to Jamie by your leaders.

I am sorry for the inconvenience and limited opportunity that faces us currently but remain committed to ensuring we keep ourselves and our wider community as safe as possible and support our state government in doing so. It may well be that our participating numbers will increase within a few weeks.

My thanks once again to Lois, Barbara and Tony for their help in ensuring we can gather again and to all of you for your patience and understanding.

Shalom Jamie

2 thoughts on “Gathering details continued”

  1. Gee. I’m just catching up with the emails. How complex this is for the church! It is so good that Lois, Barbara and Tony stepped up to assist with this big job!!

    Trust that all goes well. I’m not putting my hand up just yet, and am most likely to join the Connect Group.

    In peace

  2. Thanks, Stephany, yes that sounds like a good plan! I am very blessed to have capable people around me who are willing to offer their time and giftings in this way! Shalom Jamie


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