Developments on our site.

While we have not been able to gather on our site we have managed to complete several different projects. Here are some pictures of recent more visible developments. Our thanks to Tony our warden and Mr Kerry and others in the site management team for ensuring our site serves our mission.

Our lovely new shade sail has survived the recent storms.

Mr Kerry and Tony gave up a great deal of time to lay and set our signature brick path to the heritage church.
Our thanks to them both for taking this on and completing it to such a high standard.
The money raised has enabled us to establish a specific fund for our heritage church maintenance after the extensive renovations completed last year.
Mr Kerry worked with surgical precision supported all the way by Tony. I’m sure you will agree they have done a wonderful piece of work for us all.
Nearly there. Make sure you have a look next time your down.
Perhaps more mundane but something that has taken a long time to resolve. The gate is in place enabling greater privacy at Buxton House. Thanks, Trevor and Tony!

One of the glories of the church is that each person can bring and share differing gifts for the building up of the body. Following St Paul, here at St Nics, we use the language of a body made up of different parts with each part essential to the well being of the whole. For someone like me who is not naturally handy to watch our site team at work is always a reminder that each of us can bring a blessing to one another in so many ways. Once again our thanks to them all. I wonder what gifts you can share both with us and in our wider community?

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