Testudo-working together in unity

Some of you may be aware of the remarkable development in warfare strategy and tactics by the Roman Army. One of the most successful applications in combat was working together tactically using shields and short, stabbing swords. The testudo formation aka tortoise was a defensive position that Roman infantry could move into to deal with missiles or charges. Working together each soldier offered protection not only for themselves but those around them. Moving from shield walls to testudo and back maintained their holding of ground.

Some of our children at our 10 am service enjoyed practising testudo ( see pic at top) as we continue to explore the armour of God. In Ephesians, we are encouraged to serve Jesus our King together in unity. It’s a corporate vocation. In terms of the spiritual battle, we do this primarily through prayer. While we cannot record what we have been doing at the 10 am due to its interactive nature you can pick up some insights from our teaching at the 8 am recorded and available under sermons or courses.

On Tuesday evening this week (Sep 1st), a number of local church leaders and members gathered at Eaton Baptist to share insights on responding to COVID. Ryan Quicke oversaw the event wonderfully and from my perspective, it was a blessing to be part of it. Along with our churches combined prayer, meetings with churches together, there is growing relationship among us in the area which is great. All of us are learning to stand our ground and press Jesus’ victory against our true enemy ( Ephesians 6: 12) learning to respond to our ever-changing circumstances with the unchanging good news we have to share. If you’re interested in learning more about Jesus please consider joining us on our next Online Alpha run through the Zoom platform. It begins at 5 pm on Sunday 18th October.

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