Remember Me

On Friday 20th November,  we held a Memorial Service here  at St Nic’s to enable members of our congregation to remember loved ones who have died  and to celebrate the relationship we had, and still have with them. Through a simple ceremony including hymns, Bible readings, prayers, and lighting of candles, followed by a sharing social time at morning tea, we had the  opportunity to honour the significance of a unique and well-loved person in our lives.

A Memorial Service gives us a way of saying this life mattered and lives on in us, and to acknowledge the stories, memories, and moments we shared with a friend or loved one. It is also a way for family and friends to support one another, to share grief, memories, and celebration, so that mourners know they are not alone and can feel a connection to others who are feeling the same emotions. We also continue with the great hope of resurrection and new creation that Jesus promises .

Whether our loved one died many years ago or in recent times, a memorial service can help us search for meaning, and mark our place in our grief journey as well as our life journey. We can celebrate our love for this person, commemorate a life well-lived and be encouraged to live our own lives with purpose, zeal, and passion.

I feel I can speak for many who were present when I say we shared a very special time on Friday. Yes, there was some sorrow and sadness, but there was also a great sense of peace and gratitude that we had these remembered ones in our lives.

“They are not apart from us. They are part of us, for love is eternal and those we love will be with us for eternity.”

Given the lovely feedback we received we will look to hold a Memorial Service once a year at St Nics. It is important that we acknowledge those who have gone before us and the legacy which allows them to live on.

Yours in Christ

Suzanne Saunders


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