Receiving Christ at Christmas?

It’s ironic isn’t it, that with all the challenges of school, work parties, family life, friends, gifts, meal planning and more we are so hard-pressed to welcome Christ Jesus. No room at the Inn takes on meaning for us. We think let me just get through Christmas day and Boxing day and then I’ll relax and maybe have time to reflect.

For others there is no Christ at Christmas, rather we have a season of enculturated festivities that have a loose link to baby Jesus. For others it’s just another holiday opportunity. BBQ’s and drink here we come.

So, Christ-Mas. Christ, that is the anointed one of God, the Messiah. Mas, from the Latin meaning sent. The King is sent fulfilling hundreds of years of expectation and prophetic foresight and the King taught, healed, loved, forgave and died a sacrificial death for us all so that we might receive the greatest gift. The gift, a restored, reconciled relationship with our maker and the privilege and joy of being in and under His Kingly rule and blessing.

We were privileged to welcome guests at our Carols on Sunday 20th evening. We prayed that this opportunity to reflect would nourish and sustain your faith in Jesus. If you were with us and not yet in a relationship with Him, thank you for coming. May God’s Spirit continue to speak to you and may you discover you are loved more deeply and gloriously than you can imagine. Follow up your moment of epiphany with a prayer and explore faith in Jesus through Alpha. Come and talk to me! Check out our website, talk to the Christians you know. May I encourage you to receive Christ into your life afresh or the first time? Receive the one who was sent for you.

Shalom Jamie

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