Prayer Ministry on Sundays.

We are delighted that we now have a team of volunteers who have trained to offer prayer ministry after the 9 am service on Sundays.  As a church family, St Nics is increasingly open to the work of the  Holy Spirit in our lives. Prayer ministry helps to facilitate this when we gather together.  It is different from intercession in that we invite the Holy Spirit to minister directly to the person coming forward for prayer.  We offer prayer for anyone who would like to seek the Holy Spirit’s touch in some way – whether it’s for guidance, healing, wisdom, peace, or encouragement from the Lord. It may include offering thanks to Him or asking for the Lord’s blessing on someone you love.  There are many reasons why you might seek prayer ministry. 

If you visit us on a Sunday morning please do feel free to come forward to receive prayer and more of the work of the  Holy Spirit in your life if you would like to.  We would also like to express our thanks to the volunteers who have chosen to be part of the new Prayer Ministry Team.

The men’s and women’s growth groups will work on the Prayer Ministry training Course together next term on the following Wednesday Evenings:   May 4th, 11th and 18th.  If you would like to learn more about Prayer Ministry – what it is, why and how we do it – please feel free to join us Send us an email via contact expressing your interest.

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