Queen Elizabeth II and her Christian faith.

As a Scot, I found it heartwarming to know that our former Queen chose Balmoral for the time of lockdown with Prince Philip and the place to be as she experienced compromised health and energy. Perhaps it was the place she wanted to be when she died. It was a safe place, a happy place for her, away from much of the constant public scrutiny. It was where she and Prince Phillip welcomed their children during many school holidays. However much more than this consoling thought is that she knew the Lord Jesus Christ and was inspired in her selfless duty by Him.

Ian Paul has written a much better piece on this. Please find it here Grief and hope in mourning Queen Elizabeth II | Psephizo

As we grieve her passing we give thanks for her magnificent example. As Christian brothers and sisters, the world over know we look forward with great hope. In the meantime, we commit to pray faithfully for King Charles III. Long live the King.

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