Love One Another

In the spirit of our Lent study ‘Love One Another‘ by Bishop Coutts, our St Nics congregation has been encouraged to engage in hospitality with fellow parishioners during the Lent period. This could be meeting for a coffee, inviting someone into their home or perhaps a get together at a local cafe …. and to get to know each other on a deeper level and as more than just a familiar face seen during service times, it was suggested that we try to connect with someone less known to us.

Our beautiful Sister, chorister, musican, and Worship Leader Jill Faed took this idea to the next level! She invited 2 fellow parishioners, Barbara and Judy who were well known to Jill but not well to each other. Jill did not tell either ‘guest’ who else was going, or indeed where they were going. It was all a mystery. Jill picked them up from their respective homes and unbenownst to them, her car was prepacked and loaded up with supplies and goodies for a beautiful waterside picnic down by the estuary on Cathedral Avenue.

Jill said they were blessed with beautiful weather. It was sunny and warm with a gentle cooling breeze as they sat under the shade of trees overlooking the water. The next couple of hours were spent sharing a meal and laughter and also learning of each other’s life stories. Fresh insights were gained, and meaningful and lasting connections were made.

As Jill said “everyone has a life story”. What a wonderful example of how a simple gesture such as this, can reap real rewards. Well done Jill.

2 thoughts on “Love One Another”

  1. Judy and I felt very loved and blessed by Jill. Jill had thought of everything for our comfort and delight… transport, chairs, delicious food and scenery! All brought with love. She also arranged for a perfect formation of black swans to fly past at the right moment! Bless you and thank you Jill, for a memorable morning.

  2. I join with Barbara in saying how blessed and special we felt with the loving attention showered on us by Jill. She covered everything needed to give us a delicious morning tea/lunch in a relaxing and beautiful area – we just sat back and lapped it up. Jill certainly showed us how to love one another. Every Blessing, Jill, today and always.


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