Meet the Minister

Rev Jamie and Verity Murray


I was baptised at 8, confirmed at 15 and really met Jesus at 18 years of age while studying music in London. I went on to live in Christian community, following a rhythm of prayer loosely based on the monastic tradition before marrying Verity in 1994.

Hopefully, we will meet you sometime.

In 2015 we came to WA to lead St Nicholas Minster, remembering to bring our three children, now adults aged 19, 22 and 24 and a surprising amount of stuff! We have greatly enjoyed building relationships not just with our own church family but more widely. We actively seek to partner with other Christians in the region to advance the ministry of Jesus that we share and delight in. Verity and I initiated Combined Churches Prayer gatherings which are now shared with us by other like-minded churches. We also coordinate Local Houses of Prayer for WA an initiative that has grown out of Ffald y Brenin. We also serve with Elijah House in the Bunbury region.

Verity and I really enjoy seeing people encounter Jesus and discover how much God our heavenly Father loves them. Our Alpha courses are one of the ways we do this. It is a privilege to support one another as we grow in being part of His family. That brings its challenges and we work on those together in community. 'Being Together' is a series of teachings that we aspire to live by as part of our understanding of community life. You can find the recording under 'Online Resources.'

Following Jesus is an ongoing daily choice and experience. As we encounter His ways, His voice and His teaching we meet blocks and the issues of our own past lives. 'Living Free' is the way we explore untangling this and with God's help becoming increasingly the people he sees us to be, our original design if you like.
Along the way, I write songs, compose music and continue to train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Base MMA in Bunbury. I blog at the
Verity trained and worked as a teacher and is helping us here with our small groups and discipleship courses.  Somehow she also manages to keep our family on track including our young grandson!