Growth Groups

Small groups gathering together in different ways across each day of the week are an important part of our community life together here in St Nicholas. After experiencing COVID shut down and connecting on Zoom we established a new group that continues on Tuesday via Zoom. We currently have 6 growth groups some of which meet at church and some in people's homes.  

These groups allow us to experience a greater depth in relationships, exploring the truth that as Christians we are brothers and sisters with one heavenly Father. We also find these groups help us on our journey as disciples of Jesus. We share joys and sorrows together, pray for one another and where possible try and offer support to one another.

If you would like to know more please contact Verity Murray or Rev Jamie.


Monday             2 pm   @ church

Tuesday             3 pm  @ Blechynden's

Zoom online Growth Group 7:30 pm

Wednesday 10:30 am In Touch Growth Group

7.00 pm Men's Group @ church

7.00 pm  Connect Women's group @ church

Thursday        10 am Craft Group @ church

This is not a Growth group but a fellowship and friendship group gathered around Craft activities with cake and coffee featuring regularly.


Small Group Leaders

Betty Frost2

Monday Fellowship Group
Betty Frost

Judy Blechynden - Op Shop Coordinator

Tuesday Fellowship Group
Judy Blechynden

Trevor Freckelton - Men's Fellowship

Men's Group
Trevor Freckleton

Connect Women's Group
Rosemary Lindroth

Craft Group
Margaret Coles