Lists the weekly services conducted at St Nic's Anglican Church in Australind.

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Thanks for visiting our site. Look at the blog to get some ideas about us or listen to a sermon to see how we are exploring faith together. Here at St Nicholas we are focused on connecting with Jesus and with one another.

You can stream the sermon online for those times when you’re away, but it isn’t the same as experiencing the message with others. Invite a friend and we’ll see you at our next service.

We know how it can feel walking into a church and having no idea what is happening. Why are the people saying strange words like “Hallelujah”? Why are people raising their hands? Why are people taking communion with a small cracker and a cup of wine? Why do people get baptised? Why are people being prayed for?

Take a look below to discover a little bit about what happens at our church!

Where we meet

St Nicholas Anglican Church

11 Paris Rd, Australind WA 6233

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Q & A

Do you have programs for my children?
Yes, we have Godly Play for 3 -11 year olds.  Godly Play is part of our 10am family service.

What about infants and toddlers?
We have a clean and comfortable 0-3 year old room with suitable toys and sofa for nursing mothers.  Parents can sit with their child and still hear the service through the speakers.

How will I know where to go when I arrive?
Our welcomers will greet you at the door and will be sure to help you find your place and answer any questions you may have.

What should I expect at each service?
The 8am Sunday service is a traditional Anglican communion service.  The worship is usually traditional hymns.  We then have readings from the bible, prayers and a sermon.  After there is time for a cup of tea/coffee and a chat.

Our 10am service is our family service with Godly Play for the 3-11 year olds.  The style is less formal with worship songs ranging from traditional to modern.  We have a reading from the bible, prayers and a sermon. Every other week we have communion during the service. After there is time for a cup of tea/coffee and a chat.

How should I dress?
Come as you are, some of us like to wear our 'Sunday Best' and some of us like to wear jeans so we can sit on the floor with our kids.