Little Lambs

We are sorry to inform you that Little Lambs closed during 2020.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are not able to safely operate while abiding by the rules.

We hope to have Little Lambs start up again in the future.

littlelambs banner
Little Lambs is a small group led by Barbara Gore. Little Lambs was created for friendship - with God and for one another, and is all about caring and sharing God's love in a practical way.

St Nicholas has been offering a playtime for young children and families for over 15 years. Little Lambs gives an opportunity for parents to relax in a safe environment and see God's love in action through the kindness and friendship extended to them from our church family. It is run with the view of being able to offer a safe place for children to play whilst their carers are cared for with a cuppa and some morning tea and a fruit time. The emphasis is on blessing our community by creating a loving space within the church.

Family life is hugely important - it's the foundation of society. A strong society depends on strong families. In Little Lambs the next generation is developing and what better way than with God's love around them and hospitality that we would give to a guest in our own home.

Little Lambs meets every Tuesday during the school term at 10am with a gold coin donation.

Address: 11 Paris Road. parking is available at the church however, please do not park on the verge. Surplus parking is available at the shops across the road. Thank you!