Online Resources

Resources for prayer and worship at home.

We have a number of prayer books available for loan. Many of you now have our adaptation of the Lord's Prayer in our Prayer Watch format. There are hard copy devotionals available at the church office.

Suggestions for Daily Office/Daily Prayer

There are many ways to approach this with simple prayer structures to help you. I enjoy the Northumbria Daily Prayer and have often used this in the morning, evening and for night prayers:

Here is the Australian Anglican Daily Prayer:

Here is the Church of England's:

For Ignatian, try here:

Apps such as 'Pray As You Go' have the daily readings and a short reflection all read out. 'Daily Examen" is another one for your phone or computer. A simple overview of Ignatian prayer.

'Bible in One Year' by Nicky Gumbel gives daily readings, a short commentary and suggested prayers each day:

Daily Bread:

ePray: (Please note: this link only works on mobile devices. This link does not give you access, you will need to download the app via the Google Play Store if you have an Android device, or via the App Store if you have an Apple device). To access, the code is '999'.

Let me know how else you are encountering God in prayer each day. What resources you are finding helpful and we can share these ideas around.