6 thoughts on “Lazarus; from death to life”

  1. Thank you so much for your preparation of, and your additions to your sermon Jamie – very much appreciated. 🙂

    May the Lord be with you, “And also with you Jamie Murray!
    Bless you.. 🙂

    Breathe upon us with Your Spirit… Amen

    “Glory to You Lord Jesus Christ”

    “Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ.”

    Wow… What a lovely, encouraging sermon… I felt like I was at church! Thank you so much… Blessing and encouragement to you also Jamie. As you prayed, may we all hear God’s voice clearly and truly know His blessing on our lives. Amen
    Love and blessing to you and Verity and all the Murray family (- special hug to Lesley xo)
    (Dare I say – I understood you so much easier on here, and got every word you said! Is that because you were consciously speaking slower – or my ears are more in tune now? Actually I think it’s because I can hear you directly from your microphone without any movement from you or background noise around me – so clear it was… – THANK YOU!
    Have a wonderful day of Sabbath! 🙂 Jo

  2. Thanks Jo for all your encouraging feedback. Good to keep in touch with you on text as well. Will reply there.
    Shalom Jamie

  3. Jamie,
    Today’s sermon is a great blessing and encouragement to me. Quite exciting too! Thank you,

  4. Thank you Jamie, for a wonderful message. How timely it is!! God always meets us just where we’re at…
    May the Lord bless you and keep you and your family, and my church family, in the coming week.
    Barbara Rigg

  5. Thanks Jamie, I didn’t realise this was ready for Sunday, and just heard now!
    I think we are all “Lazarus’s” as we are all in some sort of hibernation at the moment. I can hear Jesus calling me out to live each day and make the most of what we have and enjoy the blessings he gives us all.
    Ive been praying daily for you and your family,
    Blessings Debbie Payne


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