2 thoughts on “The armour of God #1”

  1. Thanks Jamie.
    Enjoyed this teaching. It looks to be the beginning of some strong lessons in how we can connect with God and manifest good in the world.
    Love, light and life

  2. Wow – thank you Jamie for once again preaching a wonderful encouraging word. I do have the ‘Armour of God’ prayer as part of my prayer for my days at work as a chaplain but realise I could be equipping myself even more by praying it each day for my home and family too (funny I didn’t have that realisation so much earlier??!!). I look forward to (and am very excited about) the rest of this series and understanding more fully the power of God’s Armour and of linking / locking in my shield more determinedly and closely to my lovely sisters & brothers in Christ here at St Nicholas and throughout the churches in our combined churches prayer community.
    Thank you and bless you (and Verity) for your obedience in these studies and for your heart for God and for us. May you feel as supported in this journey of faith as we do. Blessings to you (Verity and the Murray family too). 🙂 Jo


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