2 thoughts on “The armour of God #3, The belt of truth”

  1. Thanks John. Here’s to us all wearing God’s belt of truth and living out His truth in our homes, at St Nich’s and in our community.
    Blessings to you. 🙂 Jo

  2. Thank you John! I loved the maze analogy and the line that resonated with me most from your sermon is “As we are putting on the belt of truth, we are saying we want to change our lives from being under the influence of the evil one and to be under the authority of God.” To me, it really helps remind me that Satan’s power is nothing to Gods and while we may at times feel defenseless, as referenced in #2 Armour of God the Helmet of Salvation, God is our shield. And in reference in this sermon, we put on the belt of Truth. That we are forgiven and a beloved child of God.

    I also appreciate how you mention the 5 R’s, it is good to remember we CAN overcome the evil one and his influence together with God, but we have to make the effort: to recognise, repent, realign, rebuke and replace. Though sometimes this effort may seem mentally exhausting, it helps lead us to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier relationship with God- which is ultimately worth it and beneficial for everyone. Thank you again! :))


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