6 thoughts on “The suffering of Jesus”

  1. Thank you Jamie for your leading and sermon again today. (I’ll be brief – now I know I’m not just speaking with you…!!!)
    I started with two songs – ‘Conerstone’, & ‘Oceans’, I listened to your sermon and had some ‘quiet’ time to think it over, & then I finished with the song, ‘Passion, You’re So Good’ (gatheringworship). It was wonderful being at ‘Church’ with you today – thank you again for all your extra effort (and to your helpers also).
    Hello there lovely Marion & all our lovely St Nich’s church family – love & blessings to you all! xo

    Jamie, may you (Verity, Lesley & all your family) travel well, be blessed and know that God is with you too.
    🙂 Jo

  2. Dear Jamie, thank you so much for your sermon. It was so moving. Like you I do not think we should gloss over the sufferings of Jesus. It is hard but salutary to really face them and realise the extraordinary price paid for our salvation. I have also only watched the Passion of the Christ once – and cried for several days afterwards. How much we are loved! It is beyond comprehension.

    Thank you again for all your efforts to keep us connected to our Lord and our church.

    Many blessings to you and your family.

    • Thanks for posting Suzanne yes I agree we have such good news to share but it came at such a cost…shalom to you and your family.


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