St Nic’s Snapshot: Ploughman’s Lunch for Camp Quality

Last week St Nic’s hosted the Ploughman’s Lunch for Camp Quality. Rob and Trudy Tuckey with the help of Ian and Fran Craig treated guests to a delicious selection of soups and desserts. 

I have been involved with Wescarpade (Fundraising for Camp Quality for 6 years and have raised over 120k) All the funds raised goes to Camp Quality to be used for the Kids, their sibling’s and their families. We support the whole family.

Wescarpade is a wacky outback motoring adventure that is the celebration of a year’s hard work raising funds for the charity. The cars are themed up to appeal to the kids (Santa’s workshop, Superman, Where’s Wally M & M’s, Bob The Builder just to name a few).

Each entrant (Car) has to raise a minimum of $5000 and this is done in a multitude of ways.

This year’s event is from Mandurah to Busselton: via Quindanning, Lake Grace, Jurien Bay, Mount Barker, Manjimup, Donnybrook and finally Busselton. The event runs from Aug 4th to Aug 12th and the expense of the event (fuel, repairs, accommodation, food, alcohol and fines) are the responsibility of participants. It’s a fun week with likeminded people raising coin for a great charity.

Rob Tuckey


Giving Hope and Optimism – A Testimony

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I’m Rob Tuckey – and this is my story on Camp Quality (CQ) and WesCarpade.

I first joined CQ back in 2002 with a program being organised by Apex WA. Being who I am and not one to just join the ranks and be a companion/mentor to a child with cancer, I figured there was more to offer to the organisation. It didn’t take long and I became a Camp Leader, joined the fundraising team and assisted in the setting up of the Bunbury Regional Support Team for local South West families.

At Camp Quality

“Our purpose is to create a better life for every Child living with Cancer in Australia”

and provide “Hope” and “Optimism” to all involved. This is done with NO government funding.  CQ WesCarpade is an Outback motoring adventure, in themed cars to celebrate the fund raising efforts of the past year. My car is “Santa’s Workshop” and I’m Elf 1. Participants pay their own way for the event.  The bulk of fund raising monies which goes directly to Camp Quality comes from our catering service:  emergency services (bushfires), major music events and each car has a minimum entry $$ value. To date over the past 5 events we have raised over $2.2 million and we get to see amazing country side as we travel through remote areas, communities and station country in this great state of ours.

I feel extremely privileged and blessed to be able to share a family’s cancer journey, see the child survive and grow into adulthood. Asked many a time why do I do it? I don’t have children with cancer; I do have a loving wife, supportive healthy family and firmly believe I can make a difference. If you want something done ask a busy person and it will be done. We are all placed on this earth for a measured time and if we can assist or be a part of making some-one else’s life that little bit better then we have taken the first step in providing a better place for those who follow.