Godly Play – a whole church service

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday and our ten o’clock families gathered together to participate in a whole service of Godly Play.  As we entered the story of Jesus the King we wondered what Jesus must have felt, knowing what his future held.  We wondered what our favourite part of the story was. 

“I liked the part where the people waved their palm branches and shouted Hosanna in the highest”,

“I liked the colour purple” (this was the colour of our underlay to reflect our time for getting ready).

The children’s ministry team felt tremendously blessed in creating this sacred space for the children to wonder with their parents and church family.  After their wondering questions, everyone was sent off for their own creative response time.  Some of the adults chose to discuss the wondering questions in more depth as a group.  Some of the children chose to retell the story using the beautiful wooden figures.  Others chose a more artistic response.  The feedback has been positive from our young families and we look forward to doing it again soon.

Being Creative – Using Prayer Stations in our Church

Come Holy Spirit

Over the last few months we have been praying the Lords Prayer through prayer stations. During Pentecost the children created one of their own which seemed to glow with the light of the Holy Spirit.

This has been a valuable tool in visualising the words that Jesus gave us. As we quieten ourselves before the stations we make it easier to become aware of the inner presence of God’s Spirit. Like all learning listening to the voice of Jesus takes practice, and visualising the words we want to pray is just one way we can use prayer in our daily lives. Have you tried prayer stations before? Perhaps you could try making one at home.

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