Serving up entree for YouthCare

YouthCARE had a  progressive dinner as a fund raiser on 25th November.  YouthCARE aims to provide hope for young peoples’ futures by helping them achieve their best at school, create positive relationships and contribute to their communities. In support of this mission St Nicholas hosted the entree for the evening, serving finger food and fruit juice. This was a combined effort and we were assisted by Australind Baptist and Binningup Community Church.
About 100 people attended enjoying food and fellowship after half an hour the group continued on to the Catholic church in Bunbury to a cold meat and salad main followed by sweets at the Baptist Church.  It was a time for meeting people from other churches and getting to know the chaplains.


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YouthCare in Australind

On Thursday, 2 weeks ago, Helen Browne and I were sitting at a table in the Treendale shopping centre as part of the street collection for YouthCare. One man came up to us and said how much he appreciated the Chaplain from Treendale Primary school. Last term his 9 year old son was thought to have cancer and was undergoing tests. Geoff, the chaplain rang the family everyday during the holidays to enquire about the boy and tell the family that he was there for them. This is the sort of support that the chaplains offer to families of the students in their care.

Not only do students come to talk to the chaplain but parents and teachers do too.

They know that they will find a listening ear and a praying heart. Last year Geoff himself was undergoing medical tests for a potential life threatening condition. He knew he had the support of YouthCare as the district chaplain, David Cunniffe, made his condition known so we could pray for him. He made a remarkable recovery.

YouthCare  is an organisation that promotes God’s love in action in our schools and the wider community. It’s fundraising efforts help pay chaplains whose schools want them more than the 2 days of the government subsidy. Two of  those schools are in Australind.

On Friday 25th November, they are having a progressive dinner and we have been assigned the place for entrees’ assisted by the other churches in Australind.

As a fund raiser for this, we are having a garage sale next Saturday, 29th October, at 10 Buckton Place. Anyone who has things they would like to donate, contact me on 97960440.


Giving Hope and Optimism – A Testimony

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I’m Rob Tuckey – and this is my story on Camp Quality (CQ) and WesCarpade.

I first joined CQ back in 2002 with a program being organised by Apex WA. Being who I am and not one to just join the ranks and be a companion/mentor to a child with cancer, I figured there was more to offer to the organisation. It didn’t take long and I became a Camp Leader, joined the fundraising team and assisted in the setting up of the Bunbury Regional Support Team for local South West families.

At Camp Quality

“Our purpose is to create a better life for every Child living with Cancer in Australia”

and provide “Hope” and “Optimism” to all involved. This is done with NO government funding.  CQ WesCarpade is an Outback motoring adventure, in themed cars to celebrate the fund raising efforts of the past year. My car is “Santa’s Workshop” and I’m Elf 1. Participants pay their own way for the event.  The bulk of fund raising monies which goes directly to Camp Quality comes from our catering service:  emergency services (bushfires), major music events and each car has a minimum entry $$ value. To date over the past 5 events we have raised over $2.2 million and we get to see amazing country side as we travel through remote areas, communities and station country in this great state of ours.

I feel extremely privileged and blessed to be able to share a family’s cancer journey, see the child survive and grow into adulthood. Asked many a time why do I do it? I don’t have children with cancer; I do have a loving wife, supportive healthy family and firmly believe I can make a difference. If you want something done ask a busy person and it will be done. We are all placed on this earth for a measured time and if we can assist or be a part of making some-one else’s life that little bit better then we have taken the first step in providing a better place for those who follow.   

Biggest Morning Tea – Thank You

Thank you to everyone involved in our Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser for the Cancer Council. It was a real blessing for us to be a part of this Australia wide event. With combined efforts of cooking ($747) and craft ($307) we raised a total of $1054. Hope you enjoy the photos below.

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