Growing Together – members of the body of Christ

This year our diocese shared teaching program is reflecting on the unique place for each of us in the body of Christ. We acknowledge this publicly each week when we proclaim ‘we are the body of Christ’ in our Eucharistic liturgy. By God’s grace as a minster parish, we are seeking to discover and live out our unique discipleship in a missional community. There are five sessions beginning on August 25th.

The small group resources are very good this year with an accompanying video for each small group study accessible through YouTube or via DVD. You can watch the first video here on our website and if you get a chance subscribe to the channel. (We are working on a copy for each small group.) These comprise interviews with a number of people in our diocese sharing their own unique perspectives on life in the Body of Christ. I welcome this year’s study material with gratitude to those who have taken time and energy to prepare it and would encourage each one of us to engage with the sermons and small group materials available. To quote +Allan,

‘ For the Body of Christ to live well there is the ever-present desire of Christ that each one of us might be, within the Body, all that we might be.’

Let’s become those people.

Shalom Jamie