Harvey the 'Lost Sheep' turns up at Nourish Kids

The Nourish Kids were in for a very special treat last Friday when they were visited by Harvey the Lamb! Harvey enjoyed lots of cuddles and ‘oohs and aahs’ as he joined in with the  kids in their activities, songs and stories. This term, Shirley has been teaching the Nourish Kids through the theme of ‘Jesus is the Good Shepherd’. For some of their inspiring artwork, check out the pin up board at the back of the church. Thank you to Travis and Zoe for arranging Harvey’s visit with us.

The Nourish women’s small group has grown in numbers this year as we have sought to cultivate, encourage and support women in faith. Our alongside program Nourish Kids has also grown and gone from strength to strength under the energetic leadership of Shirley. Nourish is a place of belonging and blessing as we seek to grow in belief together. As one of our participants said ‘What an amazing group to be a part of. Our children are amazing and all extremely blessed to have each other.’

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Nourish.