Receiving the Word

A few weeks ago at our Wednesday service our reading was Mark 4 the parable of the sower. I spoke about receiving the word into our lives like good soil and the harvest that comes.  The key word we receive is Jesus himself, described by John in his gospel opening chapter as the Word made flesh. In receiving Jesus into our lives we are receiving life, light, bread, the way and so on. We are reconnected, reconciled to God and, through the life giving presence of God’s Spirit breathing into us, become spiritually alive, new creations.

However when we talk of receiving God’s word into our lives I mean putting the weight of our lives on it, our trust, our mindsets. All of this became evident to me on Tuesday evening. Returning from All Saints Donnybrook after a lengthy PC meeting I was stopped at a road works traffic management point in Boyanup. I glanced in the mirror and noticed a car racing towards me, I glanced again and realised there was no sign of it slowing down, I braced and it crashed into the back of me at some speed.

The driver was DUI , heavily intoxicated. Sadly she would not stop to reason and pulling back and swerving round nearly ran over the traffic flow person as she ‘ made her escape. ’ Fortunately I had pictures on my mobile and the police swiftly identified her. I prayed for her and others on the road to remain safe and for her to be quickly apprehended. That did happen although she did have a second crash. Remarkably the driver of the car in front was one of our Nourish members, a nurse. She helped me sort out a tow truck and drove me to the hospital for a once over. She was grateful I was between her and the car that crashed into me. I was grateful for the  blessing of my sister in Christ being there to help.

As I waited in hospital I was aware of the underpinning of several scriptures, especially Psalm 34:19 ‘A righteous person( i.e. someone in a right relationship with God ) may have many troubles but the Lord delivers him from them all.’ What scriptures are you placing the weight of your lives upon?