'Meet the team' Karen

Karen Dennison

Q1  What are your roles/ministry here at St Nicholas?

I am the communications officer which basically means I keep the website up to date.  I am also involved in the Children’s ministry and will be leading our Godly Play program.  Music is also a passion of mine and I occasionally sing with our worship team.

Q2  What other ministry have you undertaken in the past?

I have been a Licensed Lay Minister, Priest’s warden, worship team member and Parish councilor.  I have also served on team at Cursillo.

Q3  Do you remember when you became a Christian?

Yes I had two defining moments.  One was when I made the conscious decision to become a Christian after a period of study and research.  Before this I was an atheist.  This was my head knowledge of Jesus.  My second defining moment was during a church service where I experienced the Holy Spirit in what can only be described as a flood of love raining down on me.  I couldn’t move or speak all I was capable of doing was crying with joy.  At this point the Holy Trinity became real for me and so did the power of the Holy Spirit.

Q4  What helps you daily with your walk with Jesus?

Prayer! My ongoing conversation with God is something I enjoy doing throughout the week.  Coming to Church to be encouraged and nourished by being a member of one of our small groups.

Q5  Favourite Hymn or worship song

I’m a huge fan of the music from Taize.  I love the repetition and prayerfulness of the words and also enjoy singing them in their original language.

Q6  Any last thoughts? (favourite scripture…what are you reading at the moment?…interesting fact about yourself?)

I’m a librarian so always have a number of books on the go.  I also love movies.  The last film I saw at the cinema was Dr Strange.

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'Meet the Team' Suzanne

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Suzanne Saunders

This week we interviewed Suzanne another of our amazing team who is serving us in more ways than one. Suzanne is retired now but had a 40 year career in education – has been a principal in several South West schools and a Principal Consultant to all the state schools. 

  1. Roles at St Nicholas:
  • Church or People’s Warden
  • Coordinate preparation and operation of church services on computer – have done this for 9 years. – Ministry role
  • Care & Share Coordinator – Ministry Role
  • Ladies Bible Study / Fellowship Leader – Ministry Role
  • Licensed Lay Minister – Liturgical and Pastoral – lead some services, teach/preach at some services, member of Pastoral Care Team
  • On roster for Intercession, Chalice, Readings (sometimes)


  1. Other Roles / Ministry
  • Safe Church Committee Coordinator – 2015


  1. When did you become a Christian?

I have always had a belief – was baptized at birth, confirmed by own choice at 15, regularly attended church until I was about 17 but I don’t think I really “got it”.  I stopped attending church when I went to university and stayed away for about 40 years but still maintained my belief.  It wasn’t until 2006 that I really became a Christian – when I walked through the doors of St Nic’s the week before Christmas in 2006 and I haven’t looked back since.


  1. What helps you daily with your walk with Jesus?
  • Walking along the estuary and praying in the mornings.
  • Reading my Bible every day – I use a devotional Every Day with Jesus by Selwyn Hughes – while I have breakfast with God.
  • Belonging to a small group – the sharing and encouragement from others
  • Being at church every week with the larger group


  1. Favourite Hymn or Worship Song

There are so many!  I particularly like

  • Humble King
  • Shout to the Lord
  • Hosanna – I See the King of Glory
  • I the Lord of Sea and Sky


  1. Last Thoughts

Favourite Scriptures:

Philippians 4: 13 I can do everything through Him who gives me strength

 Jeremiah 29: 11” For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.



Just recently I have been reading a series of Christian fiction – novels written by Karen Kingsbury, an American author – written about a particular family and their close friends who face all kinds of challenges.  Lots of scriptures are used – sometimes quite inspiring because of the Biblical base even though it is all fiction.

I feel as though my background has in fact been some sort of training for my church involvement – it has become more obvious as the years roll on.  I am at a crossroads, trying to figure what God wants me to focus on so lots of prayer, thinking and waiting going on.  Not sure what the future holds!

'Meet the Team' Series

Ian Craig

With the lead up to the Annual Meeting of Parishioners we thought it would be a good idea to meet the team that serves our Church.  Not only will it serve to put a name to a face for new people in our church family but also to recognise the work that these people do. Our first team member is Ian Craig.  Ian has been involved in establishing the Calvary Welfare and Calvary Industries for the homeless, he has been a Senior Lay Canon and treasurer at St Boniface Cathedral and supported the Children and Youth Team there. His answers to the following questions are below.

Q1.  What roles and ministry do you serve in at St Nicholas?

I’m the Priest’s Warden, treasurer, administration and Licensed Lay Minister

Q2.  Have you always been a Christian?

I have always been a church goer, however in 1983 on Christmas morning I dedicated my life to Christ.  We were at the Church which is now Grace (Dream Builders) and everything fell into place that morning.  Not only did I dedicate my life but so did Fran and her Mother.  God blessed us that day.

Q3.  What helps you daily with your walk with Jesus?

Prayer time in the Shower!  Being with others and knowing that they are praying for you also.

Q4.  Favourite Hymn or worship Song?

Trust and Obey

Q5.  What do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy all the roles I serve in at St Nicholas but to unwind I love cross word and mind puzzles to keep my brain active.

P.S. Ian wants all AMP reports in