Charity Luncheon at St Nicholas

Today we talk to Rob about camp quality and his Christian journey.  St Nicholas will be host to a charity luncheon on Saturday 7th October, but what is it all about…

Camp Quality is Australia’s most trusted children’s charity. Our purpose is to create the best quality of life for every child in Australia who is living with cancer

We provide essential support services to kids with cancer aged 0-13 years of age and their families. Our services also support children who have a parent or sibling with cancer

We’re there through every stage of the cancer journey from diagnosis, treatment, remission as well as the heart-breaking case of bereavement. We help at school, at home, in hospital and out in the community.

Our unshakeable passion for positivity forms the foundation of everything that we do. We believe in the power of positive psychology to build optimism and resilience.

We believe “Laughter IS the best medicine” My role in Camp Quality has spanned 15 years and this year was inducted onto the wall of fame for services to this great Charity.

I am a Companion to the children, Camp Leader, member of the Bunbury Regional CQ team, member of the fundraising team and also a Car owner and member of Wecarpade.

The luncheon to be held at the church in October is to assist in raising funds for CQ Wescarpade, Car 25 “Santas Workshop”, being my car.

Each entrant is encouraged to raise a minimum of $5000. all the monies raised goes to the charity and “It’s ALL for the kids”

We all have to pay a meal fee to cover food and entertainment. We pay for our own  accommodation, fuel (always looking for support) and vehicle expenses.

Here are Rob’s answers to our questions

Q1.  What ministries have you been involved in at St Nicholas?

I have spent a LOT of years in Hospitality, Been on Parish Council for about 12 years, 9 years as Synod rep. Was involved in the Church and OP shop building expansions and designed the kitchen.

Q2.  Have you always been a Christian?

I have always had community/chartable interests in my heart and when I became a Christian some 30 years ago everything made perfect sense. Just couldn’t see what was driving me.

Q3.  What helps you with your walk with Jesus?

Know that he is with me all the time and he is guiding my every move for it was he who gave me the gifts of hospitality and service.

Q4.  What is your favourite hymn?

The Lord’s Prayer by Cliff Richards and Great South Land