The Discipleship Course Testimonies

I have thoroughly enjoyed the mentoring Discipleship Course.

I have enjoyed understanding the foundation base of the Christian faith; how this is then provided to us throughout the stories of the bible in which God's plan is foretold and then into fruition with the arrival of Jesus and then his ultimate sacrifice and what that really means.

For me and with where I have come from it has expelled some of the uncertainty I had about what/who is a Christian - really all those that believe in Christ and his sacrifice is a Christian and it doesn't matter which Church you go, we are all brothers and sisters because of your Christian faith. That had a profound effect on me and opened up my eyes a lot more.

It was a great course to go on. My mentor has been wonderful and I've been able to be very open and honest in our discussions. I will really miss not having our sessions together.

~ Julieta