The Discipleship Course

The Discipleship Course

What is the Discipleship Course?

This 6-session course is for anyone who is a new Christian or returning to the Christian faith.

The aims of the course are:

  1. To provide a good grounding in the foundations of the Christian faith, including the big Christian story that starts in Genesis and ends in Revelation.
  2. To show how the Bible is put together, and how to start learning to read it.
  3. To help gain confidence in sharing faith with others.
  4. To provide an introduction to spiritual disciplines and spiritual gifts, which lead to growing in Christian character.
  5. To provide an opportunity to ask questions and to apply biblical truths in our own lives.
  6. To learn what it means to live a life in which Jesus is Lord.

Who can do the course?

The course is designed for new Christians or someone returning to the Christian faith. It is ideal for anyone who has recently completed the Alpha course. We offer the course to those who consider St Nic's to be their spiritual home.

Why do the course?

Here's some comments from people who have done the course:

"I found it very helpful, as I had a lot of questions and I didn't necessarily want to ask these questions in front of others."

"The one-to-one format meant I could ask questions without fear of judgement."

It encouraged me to pick up the bible and learn with a different perspective and understanding, which I am very grateful for."

"I did the course to improve my knowledge and my relationship with the Christian faith and I found it very useful, informative and thought provoking."

"I enjoyed being guided/mentored and able to discuss during each session."

"It was helpful to discuss with someone who was more knowledgeable and for them to recommend passages to read to further my spiritual journey."

How is the course run?

The course is undertaken one-to-one with a mentor. The mentors are members of St Nic's who have been trained to do the course and are Safe Church checked. The time it takes to complete the six sessions varies and this will be discussed in advance with the mentor.

How do I sign up to do the course?

If you would like to know more, or to sign up, contact Verity Murray or fill in the contact form below to get in touch with the office.


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